Its aim will be to develop and study advanced disease models with a specific focus on chronic immune/inflammatory diseases, neurological diseases and tumour therapy, and to combine these research areas with modern bioimaging technologies. The Centre will have a leading position and serve as an attractive competence centre in animal disease models and bioimaging in the Central and Eastern Europe.


Foundation of Tartu University Centre of Translational Medicine

The Foundation of Centre of Translational Medicine is created to facilitate the popularization of the subjects taught, preserve the historical heritage and promot  the development of the Centre of Translational Medicine of Tartu University. The Fund is created jointly by the Institute of Biomedicine and Translational Medicine and the Medical Foundation of Tartu University.

SIME's research and development efforts are focused on the diagnostics and treatment of neuropsychiatric diseases and cancer. The foundation seeks to gather donations to support the activities undertaken by SIME.

Donations can be made to the Fund account #10102026293006 in SEB bank with the comment "SIME Fond"

We are grateful for your support!

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Eero Vasar
Mati Karelson
Jyrki Tapio Heinämäki

Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Biomedicine and Translational Medicine

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