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Where: Biomedicum, Ravila 19, Tartu, room 1038

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Summer School "Basic and Tumor Immunology"
August 23th-25th, 2017 in Tartu, Estonia

"The Basic and Tumor Immunology" Summer School will be held on the 23 to 25 August 2017 in Tartu, Estonia.

The focus of this Summer School is on basic immunology and state-of the art of experimental and clinical tumor immunology. The lectures by invited international speakers will cover preclinical and clinical aspects of onco-immunology and current immunotherapeutic approaches in cancer treatments. The talks and group discussions will cover the mechanism of immune escape, role of immune tolerance, regulatory T cells, non-coding RNAs, features of metabolic changes, immune exhaustion and other relevant topics. The Summer School starts with one-day practical hands-on laboratory course on magnetic cell sorting and immune-phenotyping for younger scientists.

The summer school venues:

On the 23 August the venue will be Biomedicum (Ravila 19, Tartu)

For the dates 24 to 25 August will be Tartu Environmental Education Centre (Lille 10, Tartu).

The informal career development session on the 24 August will be in The Filiae Patriae Sorority house (Struve 4, Tartu).


January 19, 2017. Prof Tambet Teesalu, University of Tartu - “Precision targeting of drugs and nanoparticles with homing peptides”

February 16, 2017. Prof Pärt Peterson, University of Tartu - “T raku oomika” (T-cells omics).

 March 17, 2017. Prof Allen Kaasik, University of Tartu - "Mitokondriaalne Meditsiin” (Mitochondrial medicine).

April 20, 2017. Dr Ana Rebane, University of Tartu - "The function of microRNAs in chronic inflammatory diseases”



IPR training for scientists, 28.03.2017, Biomeedikum

Research commercialisation training, October 2017, Biomeedikum 



“Targeted nanosystems for imaging and therapy”  Tartu, V-Spa Hotel and Conference Center,  May 10-12, 2017

“Basic and Tumor Immunology“ to be held in Tartu, Biomedicum,  August 23th – 25th, 2017

"Chronic inflammatory diseases: regulation by miRNAs and beyond" October 4-6, 2017, Tartu, SIME building