Open-field experiments allow the evaluation of animal’s basal activity and its evolution, in response to pharmacological treatment, lesion or genetic modification.

Hyperactivity and hypoactivity are symptoms of many neuropsychiatric disorders. The reaction to a novel environment and anxiety parameters are also assessed in this assay. The percentage of the path length and the time spent in the centre of the arena are used as measures of anxiety-like behaviour in mice. Generally, mice avoid the centre of the open field apparatus, the most exposed part of the arena. An increase in the activity or time spent in the centre of the open field is interpreted as decreased anxiety-like behaviour.

In our open field apparatus, the rodent movements are followed by a video-tracking system in the Noldus Phenotyper .


The floor in mouse phenotyper is 30x30 cm
The floor in rat phenotyper is 44x44 cm
The observation time can vary from 5 minutes to 5 days or longer.