• In vivo team performs testing of drug candidate on a variety of mouse/rat validated models of neurodegeneration, inflammation, pain and CNS disorders.  These models are used for the the preclinical evaluation of psychotropic, neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory and analgesic activities of INDs.
  • In vitro team using human or animal primary cell cultures or cell lines, provides functional analysis of lead compounds in disease-relevant assays. The primary neuronal or mixed neuronal astroglial cultures are successfully used for the evaluation of neuroprotective, neuro-regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties of the INDs.
  • Toxicology team undertakes a plethora of toxicology testing, ranging from simple acute toxicity studies to complex general toxicity and toxicokinetic studies, prenatal development teratology, multi-generation reproduction studies as well as 24 month combined chronic carcinogenicity studies. Toxicology studies are good laboratory practice (GLP) compliant.
  • Highly educated scientists provides an advice for pharmaceutical product developers on the selection of test protocols, design of experiments, selection of appropriate test systems, data collection, statistical analysis and data interpretation. Our team will help you to construct cost-effective complex study schemes for the evaluation of a variety of pharmacological activities. An integral part of the contract research services offered is personal advice on the selection of appropriate experimental protocols and final report containing original results and data analysis.


Additional services:

Highly qualified scientists offer standard and specialized services for both human and veterinary clinical research samples, using the most current GLP-validated analytical instruments. Also we offer a range of routine and specialized analyses for coagulation and urinalysis parameters.