We offer a number of services in molecular and cell biology and can help with experimental design, data analysis and interpretation.


    miRNA target search and pathway analysis

    miRNA RT-qPCR

    Cloning and verification of miRNA targets in the Luciferase assay

    Analysis of miRNA influence on endogenous targets

    miRNA in situ hybridization


    total RNA isolation


    Cell culture

    Human primary keratinocytes, melanocytes and fibroblasts

    Human reconstituted epidermis

    Bronchial epithelial cells


    Human monocytes and monocyte derived dendritic cells and macrophages

    Primary T cells

    Human cell-lines (HeLa, HEK293, BEAS-2B, HaCat, A549, THP-1 and PPC-1)


    Molecular and cell biology

    Transfection of cell-lines, primary cells and T cells

    Proliferation and apoptosis assays


    Immunofluorescence analysis

    Western blot analysis

    Flow cytometry and cell sorting


    Data analysis and consultation

    Statistical data analysis using R

    Transcriptome analysis

    Visualization, analysis, segmentation and interpretation of 3D and 4D microscopy datasets with „Imaris“ platform

    Research publishing


    Additional information http://www.biomeditsiin.ut.ee/en/departments/rna-biology-research-group-0